Clogau Jewellers

“Working with Lloyd and his team at Innovare Design has been incredibly insightful. The resulting new store concept provides a cohesive customer journey in a compelling and aspirational space that reflects Clogau’s brand values.” CLOGAU

Family owned Welsh jewellery brand Clogau has evolved significantly since it launched nearly 30 years ago, back in 1989. Today they have over 350 wholesale partners, seven own stores plus a successful online, travel retail and TV shopping presence. It’s one of Wales’ success stories but it’s a brand that not everyone has heard about.

It was for that reason that Clogau approached Innovare Design to help them with their brand development to reflect their multichannel business and to strengthen their growing own store retail presence.

Everyone in the jewellery sector knows Clogau. They have built an amazing and successful wholesale business but they are still relatively new to retailing. Whilst it was important to retain continuity in their market place, we felt strongly that their brand and retail offer needed to be carefully refocused for the customer.

Through a strategic brand review project – with Clogau’s senior management team and their customers at the heart of the process – we were able to identify the key brand story elements that would bring a new clarity to both the brand identity and the customer retail journey.


Clogau brand identity before and after

New brand identity development (bottom)

The collaborative process we undertook with Clogau ensured that the design outcomes we reached were grounded and customer-focused. Clogau have a rich and fascinating heritage together with wonderful stories like their royal connection, the rare and precious nature of their Welsh gold and the inspiration of their jewellery designs. The challenge for Clogau is to tell all these stories consistently across all sales channels.

The brand review, which started in Spring 2017, has resulted in an updated logo, display furniture, point of sale (POS) and packaging, all of which were unveiled at this year’s Jewellery & Watch trade show at the NEC in February 2018. While the new concept for Clogau’s own retail stores debuted at their first store in North Wales, which opened last month in Chester at Broughton Shopping Park. The new concept store and stockist furniture will be rolled out during 2018.

The new store concept for Clogau provides a new and compelling brand experience for customers and has been shortlisted for Store Design of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards 2018.

The full height glass shop front presents an open and friendly invitation to browse and features the new Clogau identity. On the bulkhead behind the main signage is an abstract representation of the geology of the rare gold seams that run through the Clogau gold mines. The newly designed window display now allows Clogau to focus on their cross-channel seasonal marketing campaigns, supporting the omni-channel customer journey.

Clogau Broughton Shopping Park, interior

Once inside, we have completely redesigned the store navigation. This now enables the customer to explore the full extent and depth of the Clogau collections, as well as aligning the experience with the on-line presence. There is a new and clearer focus to all Clogau product categories, as well as particular standout to their Bridal offer.

Throughout the store, materials, colours and lighting combine with inspirational VM to deliver a welcoming, warm and relaxed atmosphere. This encourages customers to browse and engage with Clogau jewellery in a new and compelling way.

Clogau Broughton Shopping Park brand stories

Around the store, aspects of the brand story are revealed through graphic elements and VM. For instance, behind the cashdesk a dramatic image of Snowdonia – home to Clogau’s own gold mines – reinforces the source of rare Welsh gold. Elsewhere stories about collections and new designs are given prominence. At the back of the store – near the Bridal consultation area – they tell the gold of Royalty story.

Lighting plays a critical role in unlocking the beauty and value of the jewellery. There is a carefully designed layered approach. Gentle ambient lighting washes the entire space to create a warm overall atmosphere. Highlights are created through bespoke pendants to deliver focus on hero/promotional pieces as well as adding an intimate glow to the consultation zone. Throughout the display cases, micro-product focus creates sparkle and drama without dominating the individual pieces.

Bespoke display furniture has been detailed to showcase the quality of the jewellery they house. Subtle touches of gold as well as dark bronze add to the sense of luxury while the Clogau ‘Tree of Life’ motif has been designed into the mid-floor furniture and reflects the fact that Clogau collections are ‘inspired by nature’. Flooring pays homage to Welsh slate and the use of rugs add a touch of luxury as well as focus.


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