Rocks Jewellers

“Innovare Design have helped us to reassert our brand authority over the store space. It’s now become a great platform to display and tell our own stories.”

Helen Carr, Marketing Manager, Rocks Jewellers

Firmly established as one of Ireland’s leading independent jewellers, Rocks is a family business renowned for its quality of service and excellent craftsmanship. Their flagship store in Grafton Street – Dublin city’s premier shopping district – draws customers from across Ireland and beyond, while their nearby Stillorgan store, has been serving a loyal fan base for over 40 years.

“We’ve a well-established and successful business”, says Rocks MD, Robert Rock, “ and we’ve achieved this through a genuine love for what we do and by listening to what our customers want. But we are in a highly competitive and challenging retail market so when the new owners of the Stillorgan Shopping Centre told us about their plans to redevelop the site, we took the opportunity to invest in the expansion of our store and a full redesign of not only our Stillorgan store but our central Dublin flagship.”

Rocks Jewellers secured Innovare Design to help them with an initial design review and feasibility study of their stores. “As the owners you are so close to the business that you can’t always see the potential improvements that can be made.” Robert Rock continues, “but the team at Innovare Design quickly understood our aspirations for Rocks and the needs of our staff and customer base. They worked with us in a very collaborative way, helping us to explore all the opportunities and kept us closely involved in the design and development journey. We found it an enjoyable and productive way to focus our decision-making and it has also helped us to re-focus our overall brand development in store.”

Initially Innovare Design helped Rocks to formulate and prioritise their brief. This then gave them and us a clear set of guidelines to keep everyone on track as the project developed. Our creative goal has been to build on the Rocks heritage and their great brand story and to express these more clearly in store for both their established and new customers. The team at Rocks wanted us to create a more contemporary retail experience for their customers without losing their renowned welcome and relaxed atmosphere. When you’ve been in business as long as Rocks, it is absolutely critical not to alienate your core customer base so creative development has to be carefully balanced and totally customer-focussed.

Rocks Jewellers service desk

Both stores have been designed in parallel and express a common design language across many elements – the material finishes, colour palette, window display and bespoke display cases all reflect a confident brand style. Innovare Design also worked closely with the Rocks team to improve the overall navigation and visual merchandising throughout both stores. This essential focus on the customer journey helps customers to fully explore the store and enables them to find what they are looking for among the wide choice of jewellery and watches available at Rocks. In addition, Innovare Design has given more focus to customer consultation, customer service and Rocks own bespoke Irish craftsmanship, since these are at the heart of the Rocks brand experience.

“Innovare Design have helped us to reassert our brand authority over the store space. It’s now become a great platform to display and tell our own stories. Our new approach to visual merchandising provides customers with a clearer focus on our categories and collections. Together with some new strong graphic displays it also creates a real brand impact in store and has given us the perfect platform to launch our bespoke Michael Rock collection.” Helen Carr, Marketing Manager, Rocks Jewellers

Rocks Jewellers Brand presence


Stillorgan is the first of the newly refurbished stores to open. Here you will experience 26 linear metres of attractive open window display with detailed glass screens allowing tempting views inside. Right from the entrance there is a sense of accessible elegance – the store is open and welcoming with a large smart customer service and repairs desk centrally located. There are views here too into the busy workshop where Michael Rock and his team can be seen crafting the unique Michael Rock collection and repairing precious heirloom pieces. Throughout the store there is also more choice for relaxed customer consultation both in the open store as well as a private consultation room.

“It’s great to see our handcrafted pieces getting the space and attention they deserve, everything looks fantastic and we are so happy with how this all turned out.” Michael Rock, Owner & Jewellery Designer, Rocks Jewellers


Rocks Jewellers Watch zone


The overall colour palette of the enlarged 145 sqm Stillorgan store reflects the Rocks’ dark fuscia/cream brand colour palette. The sense is of a bright, modern, fresh space. The herringbone timber floor finish is both stylish and practical while the rich deep fuscia carpeted ‘runway’ encourages exploration of the entire store and some relaxed dwell time around feature floor displays.

The contemporary bespoke dark timber display furniture features gold coloured edge details and marble tops which set off the quality of the jewellery and watches on display. Overall the new product display style expresses a modern curatorial approach. Branded furniture bays have been accommodated too and slot into the main design scheme in a seamless style yet provide the Rocks team with the flexibility to accommodate changing future trends.

Lighting obviously plays a critical role from the window display and throughout the store. Lights are carefully layered to provide the right ‘sparkle’ to highlight jewellery and watch displays, as well as delivering the right overall warm atmosphere for the store. Ambient lighting also combines with softer more intimate pendant lighting in consultation zones.

“It’s early days but so far the response from customers has been amazing here at Stillorgan. The word ‘wow’ is how most customers initially react and importantly some strong spending follows this up, which proves just how happy customers feel in the new store. We are delighted.”

Robert Rock, MD, Rocks Jewellers



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