JR/Duty Free

“We are pleased to have resumed our association with Lloyd Blakey and Innovare Design. Together we have presented air travellers with some very exciting shopping environments.”

Garry Stock
Chairman, JR/Duty Free

Having worked with JR/Duty Free previously – back in 2004 – we were delighted to be commissioned once again to work on this new phase of their retail design development programme in Australasia and Israel.

Following an initial design research phase of the JR/Duty Free retail estate, work started in Western Australia with three duty free stores at Perth Airport, covering 2,500sqm of retail space.

This was quickly followed by retail development projects at Darwin and Cairns International airports, and a major redevelopment project of 3080sqm at their two Brisbane Airport duty free stores. For their Auckland International site in New Zealand, we worked closely with the client on a visionary creative concept that formed part of a successful tender bid. Currently in progress, is the implementation of our retail design and planning for their newest and largest single duty free store at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International airport, which covers 3,300sqm of retail space.

Brisbane’s 100% walkthrough store enables easy re-entry from the ‘village square’ main dwell space

Duty free sales are up +35% at Brisbane Aiport’s 100% walkthrough store. The use of local materials – like the Spotted Gum ceiling canopies – complement the airport’s drive for a sense of place

Brisbane: the use of local materials and design elements like the bespoke graphics and giant ‘parasol’ echo the outdoor living theme and complement the airport’s drive for a sense of place.

Perth: bespoke light features highlight key promotional zones

JR P&C copy

Brisbane: branded lighting canopies ensure high visibility for the perfume & cosmetics studios

JR Duty Free Tel Aviv Perfume and Cosmetics

Tel Aviv: the beautiful wild flowers of Israel formed our inspiration for the intricate fretwork ceiling and wall panels in the Perfume and Cosmetics zone



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