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6 of our favourite Christmas window displays

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

We all know the importance for retailers to have an exciting and enticing shop front so with  Christmas nearly upon us, the team here at Innovare have been reviewing our favourite Christmas window displays. Here are our top 6 festive Christmas window displays of the season.

It’s an obvious one we know but so faultless – beautifully executed by Harlequin, linked to a memorable integrated marketing campaign AND the whimsical display has that all important ‘ah’ factor, stopping passers-by in their tracks, even if they haven’t seen the TV advert.

Of course, with our all our work with high-end jewellers, we just had to pick this one! Everything you would expect from this luxury brand – a magical storybook scene, a dreamy window within a window that draws you in to all its glittering, jewelled details.

We just love the passion and glorious celebration of the chocolatier craft expressed in this fun and deliciously tempting feast of a display…and it continues inside. Congratulations team Choccywoccydooda – you have us licking our lips!

The first of the ‘New Establishment’ tailors on Savile Row, Richard James has contributed to revitalising the world centre for tailoring. This window display is perfectly ‘on brand’ and refreshingly to the point!

After the events of 2016, the “togetherness” theme for these windows is very appropriate. But what we particularly like is the creative backstory behind ‘Together we’re Merrier’. Illustrator Bret Ryder conceptualised the theme of archenemies coming together in harmony – read about how his charming illustrations were brought to life here.

We are always talking about the importance of immersive experiences here at Innovare and this enchanting winter forest installation by Sir Jony Ive and Marc Newson is a great example. The layering of 3D models with natural trees and projected digital imagery combine beautifully in the mystical blue lighting – feels like you have arrived in Lapland! Congratulations to our good friends 3D Eye for their superb input – well done chaps!

And finally something completely different…

Those of you who know us well will know we are nuts about cycling BUT we couldn’t find a great Christmas bike shop display so instead, here is a link to some truly festive, fun cycling jerseys!

Happy Christmas to one and all!


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