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Creating a ‘point of difference’ in golf retail

Lloyd Blakey, Creative Director at Innovare Design, explains how to create a ‘point of difference’ in an interview with Golf Retailing magazine:

What is the best way to work with clients to achieve a successful design?

“Basically there’s no magic wand and every project is and should be unique. We don’t dictate – you have to get a clear understanding of the client’s needs and establish a brief that they agree with. But clients often overlook elements like lighting, which can have a fundamental influence on the design ambience and the way customers are drawn into and move through the store.

Basic physical facts such as floor space will help determine a design. The products themselves will influence the layout. For golf you need club racks and space to literally swing a club and try a putter. Seating is needed to try shoes.

What we try to create is a coherent design that not only runs through the store but can be used online and in general marketing collateral material. With golf, pressure from manufacturers to use their displays can mean that the store ends up looking like a fairground with clashing displays shouting at the customer for attention and no discernible overall design.

If the client really cannot give us a starting point to formulate a brief we will refer them to previous work to crystallise their thoughts on what they want from the design.”

Read more in the following link to the full article:

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