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F&B Retail Design: Harlem Soul opening

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Congratulations to Harlem Soul for a great opening night last month!

Taking over the space of an existing southern American diner, our concept for the new Harlem Soul brings to life ‘Urban American Dining’ through an interior design scheme that celebrates a love of soul food, good music vibes and graphic art. The result is a vibrant, colourful space that feels earthy and real.

Graffiti art – synonymous with Harlem – is at the heart of the space and features walls by the renowned Harlem graffiti artist Enrique ‘Part One’ Torres, credited as one of the founding father’s of street art (pictured above). In addition, new emerging graffiti artists will be recognised throughout the space and this will be regularly changing throughout the year.

Views through to the kitchen have been opened up to focus on the excitement of the food prep and bring a sense of theatre to the space. There is a new staircase to improve the connection between the ground floor and basement and allow for easier access by both staff and customers. In the basement, there is a flexible new performance stage which doubles as a group dining area outside the events schedule.

Fire escape style caging, has been used on the new staircase and also to create screened zones. The interiors colour palette reflects the strong colours used by the graffiti artists while elsewhere, exposed sections of brick wall add to the urban feel and up-cycled furniture add a ‘re-found’ feel.


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