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Hot news: restaurant design for Curry Inn 84

The Curry Inn 84 has been awarded numerous accolades by the British Curry Awards. Following its 30th anniversary last year, the restaurant commissioned us to undertake a design and refurbishment project  to keep pace with the modern and creative flair of its chefs. The design brief was clear – to reflect the passion, creativity and quality of the restaurant’s time-honoured dishes and contemporary triumphs in a comfortable and flexible setting.

“The new restaurant interior perfectly reflects our cooking style and creativity here at the Curry Inn. What’s more, we have been overwhelmed by the positive response from diners in the first few weeks of re-opening.” Jubair Zaman, Owner, Curry Inn 84

The extensive redesign and re-planning for this successful 80-cover restaurant and bar has resulted in a completely new shop front and a repositioning of its front door. The new arrangement now allows for tempting views into the restaurant from passers by. The bar and take-away waiting area has been enlarged to make it more comfortable and inclusive, and the overall restaurant layout has been carefully reconsidered to cater for the needs of a variety of diners – from couples and families to larger parties. In addition, a flexible dining zone now accommodates the restaurant’s renowned Sunday buffet service.

As for the interior design details, the rich spices of South Asia have inspired the new colour palette of the paintwork, wall finishes and soft furnishings. Intricate bronze coloured fret-cut screens and wall panels have been introduced to capture the feel of the region and are strategically placed to provide interest and privacy as well as practical zoning devices. Softly lit wall niches provide further accents to the space with displays of regional artefacts and awards. The overall lighting scheme can be balanced for both the lunch and evening services and combines ambient recessed ceiling LEDs and focal feature lighting.

Specialist commercial contractor, Cordery Build, delivered a fast-paced implementation of this refurbishment to minimise the disruption for the Curry Inn’s loyal fan base. It was great to watch our creative vision come to life so quickly – they completed the strip-out, new shop front and remodelled the interior in record time.


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