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Innovare Design contributes to the changing face of optical retail

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Lloyd Blakey talks to Lyndsey Dennis of Retail Focus about design for today’s optical retailers:

“Whilst the buyers of eyewear break down into different groups, it is true to say that optical brands have become a key fashion accessory today. Fashion conscious consumers are driving the demand for ever-more choice at all price points to suit their personal style and looking for the ‘right’ environment from which to buy.

Fundamentally, all consumers want the right fit and look as well as the reassurance of a thorough and professional eye-test.

Whilst budget and mid-market chains of opticians appeal more to those interested in value for money, they still need to reassure consumers about their professionalism – which is where the ‘clinical’, ‘lab’ concepts stemmed from. With growing competition at this level, the differentiators have predominantly been focused on price, offers and speed of service – but these don’t engender customer loyalty.

Independent opticians have got it right for years – putting their customers at the centre of the ‘experience’ and reinforcing relationships through personal service.

Shopping for eyewear is considered to be expensive by a significant number of consumers so the independent opticians approach – with their focus on choice, service levels and comfort of the ‘individual’ – has to be the way forward as consumers look for that all important point of difference. And of course, technology also has a big part to play in the USP of service delivery.”

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