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Kickstarter campaign results in ‘A Sore Head’

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

250 people gathered at the A.P.T Gallery in Greenwich on Thursday 16 April 2015 to celebrate the launch of ‘A Sore Head’, an artist-book by Robert Welch, published by Art in Perpetuity Trust and designed by Adrian Sharman, Head of Graphics here at Innovare Design.

“Adrian was really terrific to work with; good humoured and sensitive to the nature of the project. We were particularly impressed by his creative vision, attention to detail and excellent design ideas which have culminated in a beautiful book.” Robert Welch and Paula Sanders

Robert Welch is an artist-member of A.P.T who has been exhibiting in the UK and abroad for the past thirty years. In December 2011 he suffered a stroke, resulting in a loss of coherent speech. Encouraged by his partner Paula and his daughter Betty he began working on a series of drawings, whilst still in hospital. Friends brought in art materials when they came to visit and initially Robert could barely hold a pencil, but, as he regained control, though not sensation, he began to make different marks, and tried various ways of combining them.

‘A Sore Head’ tells the story of Robert’s recovery and return to painting, after a life-changing event. It can be read as an examination into the fundamental nature of creative practice, showing the artist’s process in a stripped back form.

“I had expected to see a struggle, perhaps an ungainliness compared with the paintings made before the stroke. Instead I was looking at, falling into, works which were articulate, unfamiliar and completely absorbing.” Mali Morris RA

This publication was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign conducted in January and February 2015. The book’s narrative form, design and production management was by Adrian Sharman, Rob’s friend and Head of Graphics at Innovare Design Ltd. To buy a copy of this publication visit


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