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Our top 6 Christmas Window displays

Following on from our weblog last month about the importance of VM for retailers team Innovare have been out and about in our home town of London selecting our top 6 Christmas window displays.

Liberty, Regent Street

The magic and anticipation is the theme behind Liberty’s ‘The Night Before Christmas’ windows this year. It’s a delightful combination of twinkling wintery rooftops and well-placed, changing product display. Altogether, it’s an enticing and intricate scene that doesn’t fail to draw you in.

Selfridges, Oxford Street

We just love Selfridges’ festive floats concept inspired by London’s love of parades and carnivals. Each window is based on a different theme of “With Love From” but our favourite is this London fruit and vegetable market concept, which includes 5,000 hand-pained brussels sprouts!

Louis Vuitton, New Bond Street

Louis Vuitton’s latest high profile collaboration with artist Jeff Koons has extended beyond his ‘Masters’ collection of bags to their window display this season. The result is a series of dramatic sculptures which beautifully set-off the coveted collection. Completely arresting for the passers-by.

Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly

London’s iconic grocer Fortnum & Mason gets our vote again this year for its joyous ‘Together We’re Merrier’ themed display. A menagerie of richly coloured and carefully crafted creatures can be seen across their eight windows – all working in harmony to deliver the famous ‘F&M’ hampers. It’s a marvellous and richly coloured feast for the eyes.

Omega, Oxford Street

The product remains the hero in Omega’s flagship store Christmas window. We like the simplicity of the snowflake watch cogs, which showcase a choice selection of timepieces. There’s plenty of sparkle with a ‘less is more’ sense of the season. Very on brand and tasteful.

Tory Burch, New Bond Street

American lifestyle brand Tory Burch is renowned for colour, print and eclectic details and their Christmas window doesn’t disappoint with its giant gingerbread house and striking juxtaposition of the mannequins. Very eye-catching.


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