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Retail Focus, duty free store design article

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Lloyd Blakey of Innovare Design talks to Retail Focus about the creative challenges faced by retailers when it comes to store design that engages today’s air travellers:

“Duty Free shopping used to be a must for air travellers, but this has changed,’ says Lloyd Blakey, creative director at Innovare Design. ‘Consumers are far more savvy and demanding about price, quality and experience. And with airport passengers 4 times more likely to have a mobile phone and 10 times more likely to have a tablet (compared to the general public) – they can very easily compare the airport retail offer before they buy. So brands have to work harder today to engage the holiday-maker and business traveller. They must focus less on the ‘transaction’ and more on the ‘interaction’.

Airports too need to differentiate themselves. They are as competitive as the retailers they house, and today’s airport environment strives for exclusivity, housing premium brands, high-end food and beverage offers as well as health and beauty services. But as with all strong brands, their focus is on shaping experiences rather than crafting the environment.”

To read the published article follow this link to Retail Focus


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