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Burlington Arcade, London

MEVÁRIS Jewellers


Retail design

Turkish jewellery house MEVÁRIS is steeped in history, rooted in a 500-year tradition of jewellery making from Istanbul’s famous Grand Bazaar. Its owner, Fatos Altinbas, is a gemologist and 3rd-generation jeweller from the award-winning Turkish dynasty, Altinbas Jewellers.  


We were commissioned to bring this rich brand story to life in the first MEVÁRIS jewellery house in the UK. Built on elements from the brand’s successful Istanbul boutique, we created a unique and distinct atmosphere appropriate to its new exclusive Burlington Arcade location, in the heart of Mayfair.


As a Grade II listed building of great historical significance,

we needed to work within strict architectural guidelines. Our design had to be respectful and sensitive to the arcade’s heritage whilst balancing a contemporary interior design to showcase our client’s exquisite jewellery pieces, as well as bringing the MEVÁRIS brand story to life.


"I am thrilled with the boutique’s design which perfectly reflects the passion and craftmanship behind MEVÁRIS. Everyone who has visited the store so far has adored it.

Thank you for your painstaking efforts."

Fatos Altinbas, Founder & Creative Director, MEVÁRIS

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